The New 2020 Corolla Displays Toyota's Plans for the Future

As a fuel-sipping and sensible commuter to drive around Maryland, the new 2020 Toyota Corolla is so much more than the latest iteration of this popular small sedan. As one of the first cars in its model year, this Corolla shows what Toyota is looking ahead toward for the 2020 lineup. Updated safety features, improved driving dynamics and smartly redesigned cabins are just the start. Visit our Glen Burnie, MD Toyota dealer today to check out the 2020 Corolla and to learn more about our upcoming editions.



The Corolla has always been one of the most popular small sedans on the market, but with a full redesign for 2020, it's better situated to compete in a class of cars that attracts more budget- and efficiency-minded shoppers. You'll immediately appreciate the upgrades in materials uses, notably in the cabin, while tech features like the Toyota Safety Sense suite – a standard package of driver aids in the Corolla and other new Toyota models – are similarly boosted for better safety.

With other new 2020 models coming along, you can expect varying levels of refreshing and redesigns for crossovers, trucks and cars that are second to none. We're always looking down the road here in Glen Burnie, so join us when you have a moment to learn about the future of the Toyota lineup, starting with something that's available right now in the new 2020 Corolla.

Visit Brown's Toyota of Glen Burnie today and we'll be happy to go over what's new and exciting with the 2020 Corolla and our other upcoming models.

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